About the Clothing Exchange

Clothing and Fashion Exchange for clothes swapping and exchanging in New Zealand Auckland Swap Clothes Auckland

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The Clothing Exchange offers a professional clothes swapping and recycle service  that promotes “why shop if you can swap”.  Not only does this fashion option encourage the reuse, recycle notion of a better world for our future generation but you can constantly revamp your wardrobe with new pieces of clothing anytime you like. 

What kinds of items are swapped?

At events across New Zealand, our clothing racks include anything  from designer wear to good quality basic garments from local high street stores.  Remembering it is all about the right clothing for you and our image and makeover consultants are on hand to ensure that your newly acquired clothing exchange item suits your unique and beautiful body shape and skin colour tones.


The Clothing Exchange has  partnered with some very exciting associated and connected local business and this will ensure that every clothes swap event will inspire you for the season and fashion

How does the clothes trading /swapping work? 

You simply, join us at a Clothing Swap event,   and bring in your shopping “mistakes” , unwanted gifts or clothing items that you are tired of or don’t like wearing anymore. These  clothes are then coded and allocated a value which  then becomes your personal “credit” and buying power.  Upon confirmation of and acceptance of your clothes to The Clothing Exchange Limited, you are then able to exchange or swap clothing to that value at that clothing swap and exchange event.  We carefully check garments handed in for exchange to ensure the quality of the clothing items in our showroom. A clothes swap event could never be this simple yet it’s a great and affordable way to ensure you have a continually changing and stylish wardrobe.

3 The clothing exchange for auckland new zealand shopping and clothes swapping why shop if you can swapDoes our Clothing Exchange attract a wide range of sizes?
Yes – clothes from size 8 to 18.  The Clothing Exchange acknowledge our members come in all forms of shapes and sizes.  This  means they have unused clothing which you could well take advantage off.  We  have preloved accessories available as well. A truly unique alternative shopping to your recycle boutique.

Please feel free to contact The Clothing Exchange in order to discuss how we can assist you in not only decluttering your cupbards but becoming that stylish new you…

The Clothing Exchange – Why shop if you can swap?   Trademark Registration Number 966399


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